Inventory of Hazardous Materials – IHM

What Is Inventory of Hazardous Materials ( IHM ) ?

An Inventory of Hazardous Materials is one of the requirements of the Hong Kong convention for the ‘safe and environmentally sound recycling of ships’ ( Hong Kong Convention ) which was adopted in May 2009. 

Most vessels contain a large amount of hazardous materials such as asbestos, PCBs, TBT and CFCs which can also lead to highly life-threatening diseases such as mesothelioma and lung cancer.

Approve Hazmat Expert will inspect and collect samples of all “hazardous materials” on board the vessel, analyze and record down details including their amounts and locations. The Inventory of Hazardous Materials has been designed to try to minimize the dangers of these hazards. The Convention defines a hazard as: “any material or substance which is liable to create hazards to human health and / or the environment”.

Why Conduct Inventory of Hazardous Materials ( IHM ) ?

  1. Be in line with current and future legal regulations.
  2. Compliance to regional requirements such as EU Regulations.
  3. Signal excellent standards ( Environment Passport / Clean Design, Blue Angel )
  4. Boost company image as a Green Company. 
  5. IHM contributes to a better health and safety environment on board. 
  6. Enhancement of ship building quality through IHM ( Asbestos and ODS free status )
  7. Realize a higher resale value of the vessel.
  8. Be able to manage maintenance and hazardous materials more efficiently.